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What Can You Do To Help Students Get A Great Start For The New School Year?


At The Children’s Coach we are ready to’ Help you help students in your area get a great start for the new school year!  Our desire is to help you create a thriving business serving children and impacting the health & wellness of their families through them! We know we have just what you need!

Right now the headlines are bursting with results from new research showing the debilitating after affects sugar leaves behind.  The Center For Disease Control said on a CBS Newscast, that kids are getting too much sugar in their diets and the majority of it is coming from processed foods. Now, imagine yourself being able  to share pertinent information with the kids through Edutainment.  We know the average attention span of an elementary student is far less than an adult and some research state the average adult can give you their direct attention for 20 minutes! Well we took that into consideration when we created The Sugar Blues Workshop For Kids! Our own research confirmed what we read and then some!  To keep the kids attention we have to entertain them changing how we do that and what methods we use several times!  That’s what Edutainment is! We can pack in a lot of information if we make it so that our audience can interact with the information we are sharing with them. We’ve taken all that information about the entertainment value connected it to empowering information and made absolutely sure the kids and the instructor would have fun! Now we have a very needed platform to share healthy ideas.

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