How To Dress Our Children For The Climate Change Part 1. Cultural Climate…what is that?

Cultural climate, hmm, are you wondering what the phrase means like I was? The subject of vocabulary is so broad and interesting to me! Someone once called me a ‘Word Smith’! At the time I didn’t know what it was, but I was guessing it had something to do with someone who works with words..duh! I googled it and that is exactly what it is. The extended definition ‘is a skillful writer’. I was told that when I was a baby just learning to crawl around and explore the house, everyone was looking for me. At that time we lived in a multi-family house owned by my mom’s oldest sister. I remember it being a really big house with a room that had double french doors with etched glass insets. That room had a large piano and shelves and shelves of books and magazines on the coffee table. That’s where they found me, sitting in the middle of the floor on a nice soft rug they said. Happily chewing on pages I had torn out of a couple of books and a magazine! I believe that’s where my love of the written word and books was born! I remember my Aunt Evelyn being a reader and she always gave me books and jewelry for my birthday and holidays. Now I know the culture of her house was centered around learning and doing things that would expand the mind and increase knowledge. I remember everyone was usually happy and the house was full of laughter. I was a little girl, around 3 or 4 and I can still remember the laughter and that the feeling of the house was lighthearted and fun!

Now I understand that culture in one sense refers to a type of personality around a group or groups of people. The climate is really like the attitude around something or what temperature the attitude feels like. The event above took place back in the 50’s and early 60’s when the conversation around desegregation had just begun. The attitudes of the conversation topics were just beginning to get hot! Over the 60 years since I was born, there have been many changes in the culture of our country and all over the world. Politicians are talking about the consequences of Global Warming and there are conversations referring to ‘Climate change’, which a lot of people say is a hoax, that topic is a political hoax a figment of a certain party’s imagination a trick!

Well, ‘hoax’ is defined as a ‘trick’, a prank, a practical joke. I beg to differ with anyone who says the cultural climate in our culture has not changed! Ironic as it may seem, I also agree the cultural climate has changed. Does that make me appear indecisive? The change in my opinion is not cool, it is indeed Hot! It is a hot topic in the United States for sure and if climate means ‘attitude’ then yep, the reality is we are indeed living in a cultural climate of change! So with this in mind, how should we dress our kids?

It has been reported that bullying has increased since the adults involved in the 2016 politics started acting like school kids in a playground brawl! First it starts out with a snicker or a rumor about the perceived ‘enemy’, you know the drill. One kid doesn’t like another kid for a justified reason in the bully’s mind. It depends on the bully’s sphere of influence as to how many other kids take part in the bullying either as a participant or a spectator. The climate changes based on how many people are drawn to the bantering. Spectators start to yell, “yeah”, or begin calling names, making derogatory remarks. There might be some shoving, but mostly the bullying is purely verbal…no real body contact…so it’s really not that serious, right? WRONG! DEAD WRONG! No one is being touched, there’s really no one being hurt. There is really no harm done, no punches passed! Just a bunch of talk, nothing of a real serious nature, just talk, loud talk! STICKS AND STONES CAN BREAK MY BONES..AND WORDS CAN STRIP MY SPIRIT! So the question is, How should we dress our children for this type of climate change?

Believe me, this is not political, but politics are involved! The politics of our households, schools and communities HOW WE MAKE OTHERS FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES AND OTHERS! Do you know the political voice of your family, school, neighborhood? What tone is used most often? Who makes the final decisions in your family? When their is a disagreement or a conflict are all the parties involved allowed to be sarcastic, rude, belligerent in stating their views of what’s taken place? Should we wrap our children in racial undercurrents? Should we just tell them to wear earmuffs or something to muffle the tones of anger, hate and bigotry they hear at home? Should we tell them they can wear the MP3 players filled with lyrics for racial and ethnic cleansing to school?

I recall several arguments or (adult discussions) getting pretty loud whether it was taking place in my home as a child or someone else’s! Those discussions sounded like arguments to me and I remember my stomach feeling kind of funny, like there was danger or trouble somewhere close! Come to find out sometimes the adults involved weren’t even disagreeing with each other they were just “talking”, expressing their opinion! Whew, that’s not what it felt like to me when I was a kid! Culturally, people go with what they are familiar with. In many families from different cultures around the world, people just talk loud, but it sounds like and feels like shouting to someone who doesn’t live there. To the people in that home or country it feels normal! That’s just the way it is. Should we choose outfits for our children to wear to be accepted and treated as human beings?

Guess what? Elevated voices during a conversation among family, friends and foes is becoming more more and more the climate of conversation. It is even done on social media by using ALL CAPITOL LETTERS! WHY ARE THEY SHOUTING? To be heard above the crowd or to be a part of the crowd? To be offensive or to defend themselves? The cultural climate of our countries are fast becoming more aggressive and demanding! Do the children in your sphere of influence learning to over talk the adults? Does voice volume at the most escalated level become a part of the conversation when a child of 2 to 5 years old become disrespectful at any point? Or does it depend on who they are speaking to, whose speaking to them in that tone and whether it is accepted or forbidden by the culture in which they live?

Let’s begin a discussion about it, okay? Let me know what you think! It is for the children please!

In light of this present Bully Enhanced Climate Change, how do we dress our children to feel secure, appreciated, confident and able to stand up for themselves knowing that they are worthy of right treatment?

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