How To Dress Our Children For The Climate Changes

All over the earth as we know it, there are ‘Climate Changes’. When it happens, there are variations according to the standards of times around the world. The seasons determine how each part of the earth responds and the rate of how the climate changes is not set in stone, it varies and fluctuates, seemingly at will.

The seasons of the year have specific names and particular physical attributes. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall….the temperature cools or heats up. Foliage displays a splendor of colors, then they die to that display and take on a barren look. The beauty of each season is indeed in the eye of the beholder! For me personally, Winter is my least favorite time of the year and Spring is the crown jewel! I love the sense of new birth and promise in the atmosphere, how much depends on where we live.

Because the climate changes, we make some usually predictable accomodations. Our way of dress changes. The availability and desire for certain foods change. The activities we participate in expand or decrease all because of the changes in climate that take place in the earth.

Right in our midst, directly before our eyes the climate change starts making impacts on our children, but the ‘Climate Change’ I want to open a discussion about right now has nothing to do with the weather patterns!

You’ve just experienced the introduction to ‘Climate Change’, Probably Not ExactlyWhat You Were Thinking About!
This is a III Part Series.

Part I… Cultural Climate What Is That?

Part II… What’s Your Family Culture?

Part III.. How To Dress Kids Now!

I gave y’all my word, I would be more vocal, more visable! My mama would always say, “How you end the year is how you will start the new year!” We always had to clean our rooms, make sure th laundry was done. She’d buy certain things for the first meal of the year.

One of my ‘forever SHEroes’ is Maya Angelou! She plastered this in my mind as I read this in one of her books, “When you know bettrr you do better.”

This New Year 2017, is going to be different than any year we’ve ever experienced before….I can feel it can’t you?

Make sure you keep up with this blog, The Coach is about to blow the whistle get ready! Part I will be starting soon!

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