Hunger Doesn’t Take A Vacation

Hunger Doesn’t Take A Vacation

 Food insecurity is not something any child  in the world should have to worry about,  especially in “The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave.”  Here in Georgia, within a 10 mile radius of my home,  there are over 8,000 kids who receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch during the school year.  If many of them have difficulty learning in school when they have had breakfast and lunch, what do you think their brains will be like during the summer? They may or may not have a lunch or supper with the proper nutritional value. No doubt about it, there will be a lot of unhealthy snacking going on!

The Children’s Coach Team is so proud to sponsor The Smarty Pants Chefs Summer Learning Packs. They are going to be moving out to as many people serving children as possible very soon. Our intentions are to provide kids with nutritional education as a compatible solution to the “summer slide” right along with serving them a nutritious breakfast and a healthy lunch! The summer slide can happen when children are not academically stimulated while school is out. Teachers say it sometimes takes up to 6 weeks to get kids back on track and ready to learn when they start the new school year. A very easy solution is to make sure students…..all students read at least 5 age appropriate books while they’re out of school.  The Children’s Coach has collected a pretty good list of fiction and non-fiction books centered around food. With technology as a tool reading 5 books during the summer shouldn’t be that hard. Books can be a great treat while they’re having something healthy and delicious to eat!  We are locking arms with The No Kid Hungry national program here in Georgia. The Smarty Pants Chefs “Recipe Is Lot’s Of Learning And Loads Of Fun!” Hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation!! What’s it like in your state? Would you care to know?

It’s not too late to link up with the local No Kid Hungry chapter where you live.  Sponsors are still looking for sites to set up summer food programs to serve breakfast or lunch while school is out. Food insecurity happens a lot in the summer months!  Researchers have found that many parents are forced to spend  as much as $316 more on food per month during June and July depending on when schools in their area break for summer!! More times than not, electric bills escalate because of the hot weather.  Spending extra money on food creates a real strain on family budgets that are already tight.  The Summer Food Programs can make real differences in the communities by providing these meals to families free of charge to the kids!  Some states have feeding sites set up in parks, community centers, libraries, churches and even schools in the summer months.Where ever kids gather a summer food program can be a very good place to introduce healthy foods and promote physical activities that do two things; give the kids something fun to do and cause them to drink more water rather than sugar filled sodas and drinks.

If you are interested in learning more about our plan for the summer send us an email. We have lots of suggestions you can try. Joshua Rosenthal spoke about the ripple effect we as Certified Holistic Health Coaches can make in the world……..Our team at The Children’s Coach want to dive right past the ripple and cause some major WAVES this summer!!! What about you, are you IIN?



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