Would You Like A Fun & Educational Way To Teach Children About Nutrition?

In less than 10 minutes you'll be ready to present an interactive Sugar Blues workshop for kids!

Download. Customize. Promote!

  • Easy To Set Up & Present
  • Sustainable & Scalable for Multiple Venues
  • Perfect for Farmers Markets, Schools, and Child Care Centers
  • Earn money while promoting healthy lifestyle changes

What Is The Sugar Blues Workshop?

The Sugar Blues Workshop For Kids is a fun, educational, interactive workshop on sugar! The workshop covers the following topics:
  • What Is Sugar
  • Processed Sugar
  • The OSE Sugar Family: Fructose, Sucrose, Glucose
  • How Sugar Affects Us
  • Healthy and Not So Healthy Sweets
  • The Sugar Roller Coaster
  • Different Kinds Of Sugar

We Had You In Mind!

Health Advocates, educators, parents, we had you in mind when we created the Sugar Blues! This workshop is so flexible and customizable that you can literally take it ANYWHERE! This workshop is perfect for:

  • Childcare Centers
  • Farmers Market Presentations
  • Summer Camps
  • Community Centers

Each section is 10 minutes or less!

Easy! Educational! Entertaining!

The Sugar Blues Workshop is packed with HANDS ON activities. Kids will LOVE the Sugar Blues bingo game. The bingo game reinforces what the children learned through the presentation.


As chronic  adult diseases increase amongst children continue to rise, we need more advocates across the world to promote healthy lifestyle changes in children!



Promotional Flyers
We have included two custom designed promotional flyers to assist you in monetizing your workshop. The flyers are completely customizable.
Sugar Bingo Game
A 10 player sugar blues bingo game will be the highlight of the workshop! Your bingo game will have all the calling cards and sheets.

30+ Slideshow Presentation
Over 30 interactive slides are created for you to compliment your script
Monetize Your Workshop
To top this awesome bundle off, we have listed 10 ways to monetize your workshop!
Instructional Video
Technology can be pain sometimes! We have included an instructional video showing you how to customize your workshop.
Guided Script
You will love the 4 page guided script. You can stick to the script or add your own flavor!

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