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Our programs and activities use portable blended modules integrating Social Emotional Learning with Health & Wellness. We named them portables because they can be packed up and taken to Parks and Recreation Centers, community centers, neighborhoods, housing complexes….wherever you need to go you can take them along!

Our limited time activities make great introductory presentations!  In 20 to 45 minutes a potential client can get a small taste of what their children can participate in with our  Children’s Coach(CC) portables.

We have two formats Ambassadors can offer.

The 1st offer:   A trained CC Ambassador will facilitate the program onsite.

The 2nd offer:  A modified subscription version can be facilitated by the client’s own staff.
  • On site presentation membership (best value most impact)
  • Subscription activities with handouts
  • Family engagement event
  • Staff Development
  • Custom Designed Curriculum

Life Skill Development For Students

Healthy cooking and eating, smart use of technology and energized physical activity are the mainstays of a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that learning healthy eating habits in early childhood through hands on food activities makes it more likely the habits will remain into adulthood. We’ve had three year old children learn to crack an egg without including the egg shells in the recipe! (some adults can’t do that!)

Our students learn that Culinary Arts is much more than they thought. The Smarty Pants Chefs Curriculum introduces them to facts about the geography, the history and the economic influences of food and a lot more.  The SPC curriculum is used to create a career exploration program for middle school students. They are excited to learn photography and what food stylists do through hands on experiences.

The Children’s Coach requires every program participant be involved in service learning projects.  Our partnerships with We Give, Heifer International, The Cookbook Project and other service organizations makes these projects easy to do. Community service is a huge opportunity for children and young people to learn about diversity and develop good will and tolerance towards others.  With the use of technology we can provide important lessons with global community service opportunities. These projects create a sense of pride in students their contributions to creating ripples of change for children around the world.

A work force development program for high school students provides the opportunity to build a resume and a referenced portfolio.  Once a student becomes eligible for a work permit, we encourage them to continue with us through out high school and explore being an entrepreneur in the real world!  We empower them to develop excellence in the areas of initiative, attitude, interpersonal communication skills as well as financial literacy.  If they display serious interest in becoming an entrepreneur they must plan and develop a working model for a children’s program. Upon their high school graduation we offer a provisional license opportunity with The Children’s Coach and The Smarty Pants Chefs will be presented to them along with references and referrals.  We think that’s a pretty generous graduation present!!

Business Development

It is indeed a different type of “Done For You Business Model”.  It is reasonable and affordable to create and easy to sustain and scale.  It can be developed as a Turn Key or a Hands On business.

Our programs and activities are designed to be offered to the following;

  • Educators
  • Families
  • Before/After School Programs
  • Summer Camp
  • Family Nights
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops
  • Farmer’s Markets

Programs can be delivered for medium to large groups

Project based learning workshops for parents and/or students

Workshops can be limited to 1 day, 3 days and 5 days

Can be used as Professional Developments and CEU credits


Who We Are

The Children's Coach is a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform. We are change agents creating tools and providing resources that will change the trajectory of SEL. Our activities c an be used by anyone working with or wanting to work with children.

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What We Do

Our Programs curriculum use blended models to integrate Social Emotional Learning with Health & wellness. Food bases, cooking and non-cooking projects paired with Community Service. 

We have studied a wider range of research based programs and what we believe are the best of the best practices in:

  • Nutrition
  • Health and wellness theories
  • Project based learning
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Why play and family meal time matter

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