Where In The World Is The Children’s Coach? What Happened To Her?

Hey everyone! Long time since you heard from me right?

I owe everyone who had been following me here, a HUGE APOLOGY!  I am sincerely regretful!  When you invite someone to become part of your circle (as I did all of you)….you expect them to be loyal and consistent right? Well, that’s what I expect but, it is not what I did and I must apologize and explain my sudden disappearing act! To be honest with you, I just became unsure whether I should/could do this and found myself overwhelmed by the seriousness of what is needed!!

Can we talk? I mean REALLY talk?

I have seen so many needs with children and their families over my 40 years as a family advocate and educator! It seemed like every decade brought out new challenges and situations!  The needs increased in every area that families encountered!  Divorce, single parent families, employment decline and needs for more education increased as our workforce began to change from industrialized manufacturing to the digital age and technology replaced our old way of doing things.  Families had to adapt and some could do so easily and some just got pushed to the side into the sea of overwhelm! A lot of decisions were being made out of despair and desperation and some even out of ignorance. Well, that’s when I started thinking of ways to help families with children try to cope with all that was going on.

My first effort was starting my first Family Childcare program in Georgia, ‘Miss Donna’s House’. I recognized the need for extended hour childcare services.  A lot of families needed hours beyond the usual 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday schedules. I kept getting calls for those not so typical hours of service.  I did what I usually did and jumped into it with both feet!  Miss Donna’s House became a 24 hour center….whew, I really saw another side of the needs!  I moved my 3 children and I back to my hometown of Flint, Michigan because of some unexpected things happening in my family. So at that point I was truly looking at family issues from the ‘up close and personal side!’ Over the next 15 years I really became involved in ‘hands on learning’ when it came to family needs.  Sometimes you can only help others if you can identify with them.  Boy is that ever a challenging way to learn!

Fast forward to 2012. I discovered the arena of Health Coaching and my professional life changed! I was given a very different view and my eyes are wide open now!  I am telling you this not giving excuses but allow you to see me!  If you see inside of a showcase you can decide whether you want what is on display, right? Well, this is what I want you to see….me. The why of a person’s desire to create anything…businesses, programs, events and yes even blog posts.

I have been thinking hard about returning to this blog for a while now…..and since the climate has changed culturally, I know this is the time! So here I am…..my heart is full and my hands are busy endeavoring to create things that I can deposit in your head and hands that will be of help during this particular time of “Climate Change.”

You have my word….I am back and if you open your heart to me once again, as I sincerely hope do, you will see a new and improved version of me…The Children’s Coach!

Bye for now,



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